Why No RPT Passenger Jets at Warnervale Aerodrome

Recently, and throughout the history of the Warnervale Airport’s existence, there have been a small, but very vocal group of alarmists who claim that the Warnervale Airport site would be capable of sustaining Jet Transport operations. This has been claimed for at least 24 years since 1996, and still has not happened.

Here are the reasons why this never will.

Some technical detail is required to understand why it is not even remotely feasible.

Unlike a motor vehicle, there are number of factors that must be taken into account before an aircraft can take to the air and fly. These are;

  1. Ground Speed
  2. Air Speed
  3. Weight
  4. Temperature
  5. Air Pressure
  6. Altitude
  7. Runway Length
  8. Government Regulations

In order to compare different airports, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has specified certain worldwide averages of temperature, pressure and density, amongst other variables. Collectively, these are known as the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA). Whenever temperature is higher or pressure is lower than these averages, the air will become less dense (known as Density Altitude) and aircraft will perform more sluggishly, requiring greater runway lengths than those specified in the following tables which will occur in 80% of the time in Australia.

Listed Below is a list of Commercial Passenger Jet Airline Aircraft in service in Australia with the minimum runway length required for a fully laden aircraft to take off at ISA.

The list clearly shows that none of these aircraft can operate from either the current runway length 1196 metres or the suggested proposed extended length in the Central Coast Airport Business Plan of 1800 metres. There is one aircraft, the Airbus A318 which sneaks in at 1780 metres at ISA, however, would be forbidden from operating due to operational safety constraints set out by CASA under a category Four Runway. There are no Airbus A318s operating in Australia.

A requirement mandated by Australia’s Civil Aviation regulator, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority), states that any airport that wishes to operate Jet Airline Aircraft must meet a minimum requirement of a Category 4 Airport, where one of the mandatory requirements is a minimum runway length of 2,100 metres plus a further 600 metres of Emergency “run-off” (300 meters at each end of the Runway). The current CASA Regulatory Requirements obliterate this argument and concern completely!

Should be noted that the main General Aviation Aerodromes around Australia such as and including Bankstown Airport, Moorabbin Airport, Archerfield Airport, Jandakot Airport all have runway lengths of approximately the same distance with Bankstown Centre Runway being the longest 1416 metres and its northern parallel runway 1100 metres.

Whilst the current length of 1196 metres is suitable for the proposed General Aviation Airport Business Hub, even if the runway was ever to be lengthened to 1,800 metres as set out in the Central Coast Airport Development Report, it still would NOT meet CASA’s requirements for Jet Airline Aircraft Operations to be ever permitted and falls short by 300 metres of the 2100 meters required plus another 600 metres in run-off requirements (as mentioned previously), let alone the other requirements that would need to be included. Further, these requirements have been in place since 2002 (MS 139 – Regs) and prior to this these requirements were in effect as far back as 1990 under the then RPA (Recommended Practices for Aerodromes) under the original Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) now known as Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Therefore, the ability for Jet Airline Aircraft to operate from the Warnervale Aerodrome would never have been approved or permitted.

Clearly, any talk of Jet transport operations is scaremongering and baseless. It is the erroneous rumourmongering campaign employed by anti-airport reactionaries to shut down debate, frighten our local community and unfairly malign the tremendous opportunity we have before us at the Central Coast’s own, vital General Aviation Airport.

Why was the Warnervale Airport Restriction Act (WAR Act) put in place? The simple answer is politics. Please click here for a detailed explanation.


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